Prenatal Program

Our Prenatal Program is something that we’re quite passionate about at Brunswick Acupuncture. It’s always exciting having the opportunity to be a part of a pregnancy journey and we’ve been very fortunate to have over 17 years experience working alongside mothers-to-be.


Every woman is different, and your goals for acupuncture during your pregnancy may vary greatly from someone else’s. Generally, women who may be interested in our Prenatal Program consider coming in 4 weeks before their due date (36 week mark).


If you have a birth plan and are interested in involving aspects of acupuncture, you can give us a call to chat to our dedicated practitioners. We’re happy to see you at any time during your pregnancy, including if you are past your due date.


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Back, Hip and Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

Significant changes can happen to your body during pregnancy. Carrying the extra weight, some women may find issues such as their pelvis, hip and back becoming unstable.


Some women who experience mild back pain before they are pregnant, may find that their symptoms are exacerbated during pregnancy. Other women may experience completely new symptoms of pain because there’s more movement through the back and pelvic area during pregnancy. Pain during pregnancy can interfere with your work, daily activities and sleep.


Acupuncture may be able to assist with your back, hip and pelvic pain during pregnancy, but as with any types of pain, we recommend that you chat to us in conjunction with your treating health practitioner.


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Rest and Recovery Time after Childbirth

An important part of traditional Chinese Medicine is ensuring that women completely recover from childbirth. This is usually seen as a 30-day period, but some Chinese texts suggest up to a 100-day period.


Although this may seem excessive, it is a reasonable period if you consider not only for the recovery of giving birth but also the 9 months of pregnancy. There are steps that can be taken to aid the process of recovery, such as taking physical rest at every opportunity, taking part in light exercise (but not exhausting the body by trying to get back into shape), and proper attention directed towards diet for building blood and energy.

For women who are considering acupuncture in their rest and recovery time after childbirth, we generally start sessions 2 weeks after birth for a total of 3 weeks.


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