Hayfever is a very common health condition in our community, affecting over a staggering 4.4 million Australians! While hayfever allergies tend to flare up in Spring, they plague some people throughout the seasons.


Hayfever can present itself differently across different people. Some hayfever sufferers experience watery and itchy eyes, sneezing or itchy throats. Others can develop sinus issues, or for some, the pressure caused by blocked sinuses can manifest into dull headaches, sore throats or leave them feeling unwell.

Seasonal & Perennial Hayfever

You may often see hayfever listed under it’s technical medical term “allergic rhinitis”  and commonly there’s 2 types; seasonal and perennial. At Brunswick Acupuncture, we see people presenting with both types of hayfever.


While many people are familiar with taking antihistamines to ease allergy symptoms, the idea of using acupuncture for hayfever may be a new surprise to some people. In

using acupuncture for hayfever symptoms, some people may be able to find relief in a similar manner to taking antihistamines. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture may also potentially help with relieving hayfever symptoms.


Hayfever allergies can be irritating and disruptive to your daily activities, sometimes rendering sunny walks outdoors into a snotty mess! Understandably, people who look for hayfever treatments are often after immediate relief of symptoms so that they can enjoy their day without fear of allergies. With consultation from your other treating health practitioners, you can look at acupuncture as an option if you’re interested in a non-pharmacologic therapy for hayfever.


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At Brunswick Acupuncture, we often see patients present with headaches as a symptom of their hayfever. These dull headaches can sometimes stem from blocked or inflamed sinuses. Headaches can be a bit of a double whammy of discomfort for those already suffering from other hayfever symptoms.


Our trained acupuncture practitioners may be able to play a role in pain relief from headaches. While we aim for immediate headache relief at your individual acupuncture session, this of course may vary as everyone is different. We assess your feedback after every session and encourage that you consult with your other treating health practitioners if symptoms persist.


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Seasonal & Perennial Hayfever

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