Womens Health and Acupuncture

When you're so busy you barely have time to breath, health generally isn't your top priority. But as a woman, hormonal issues and other health problems can actually affect your productivity, making those busy days even more difficult than they need to be. You may not even realise that you have health problems and even if you do, you might not know that it's possible to treat them.


Traditionally, acupuncture and chinese medicine has been used to treat a wide scope of women's health issues. If you're suffering from any of the following or any other issues call the clinic to have a chat or book a consult with our acupuncturist, Andrew Fox. 


Some of the issues the we commonly treat:

  • period pain (期間疼痛)
  • irregular periods (不規則期)
  • heavy periods (重的時期)
  • lack of periods/amenorrhea (閉經)
  • menopause (絕經)
  • low libido (低性慾
  • PMS (經前綜合徵)
  • PCOS 
  • endometriosis

If you're ready to make an appointment    


For alternative appointment times or any questions please call the clinic on 9387 3998





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